Ally Marks


     60 Minute $100  
     90 Minute $150  

Booking by phone or email.

Traditional Swedish Massage /Relaxation
Enjoy the relaxation and increased circulatory function that comes from the smooth gliding strokes that are the hallmark of a true Swedish Massage. I will target all areas with equal time ensuring a well balanced and invigorated feeling of health and wellness. You can expect moderate pressure and speed of movement. Please ask for any modifications during the treatment, this is your time! 

Therapeutic Medical Massage 
Ease pain and support healing and increased function with treatment of your chronic injuries. With your input, and when needed, consultation with your physician, I will assess the area of injury and create a treatment plan. Consider treatment for pathologies such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis or golfer's elbow, plantar fascitis, knee injuries, "pulled" muscles, healed sprains, sciatica, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (nerve impingements), and more. Treatment may include the use of hydrotherapy (heat or cold applications), stretching, myofascial techniques, and range of motion activities.  

​Also available:

Great Stretch Instructive Class
Learn the techniques needed to properly and effectively stretch your entire body for relaxation, pain reduction, prevention of injury and more. This class is carefully tailored to your specific needs. I offer private lessons ($75) and duets ($65 pp) at my studio. Group lessons (3-4 people) at your home or office can be arranged.